St. Louis Wine Cats present Neptune's Revenge Wine & Seafood Pairing

Those cool St. Louis Wine Cats have been busy pairing wine with steak, with Sicilian food and with just about every kind of food but one: seafood! And King Neptune is not happy. He's been flopping and splashing around in the water and cussing like a drunken sailor (where do you think they learned all of those nautical words, anyway?).

So, on Tuesday May 28th, at 6:30pm,
KING NEPTUNE WILL GET HIS REVENGE! He's hosting a wine and seafood tasting at Oceano Bistro, in Clayton, MO. Jeff's old friend, Executive Chef Jon Hoffman, will be preparing sweet and tender delicacies from the sea. We're going to bump the cost of admission up, just a bit, from our usual $20.00 to $30.00, so Chef Jon can put out some quality seafood...which ain't cheap!
One of our friends from Major Brands will be there pouring wine to pair with the seafood. Oceano Bistro has a great little porch area where we'll be able to do our Cool Cat consumptions, meet and visit with other Wine Cats and discover some new pairings. You'll be able to purchase wine there at a discount, too.
Space is limited to 40, so sign up early! Last time, at Stefano's, we sold don't delay! Old King Neptune will be looking for you and hope you'll have your hungry and thirsty on. (All tridents will be checked at the door.) And remember, wine's not just for breakfast anymore. Tickets at